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You can tow your sleds in the winter and your four wheelers the rest of the time. Winter rental rates are the best of the year. Tailgate Alaska and Arctic Man await. Reserve now.

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In Denali National Park get your camera ready - the bears, moose, caribou, Dahl sheep and other amazing animals are likely to appear at any time.

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Autumn means Alaska wild life are on the move. Flocks of geese, ducks, and swans are migrating, and moose are locking horns. Autumn is a great time to vacation.

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Long summer days mean you may have to stay up late to catch the sunset and alpine glow - Alaska style.

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Do you allow towing?
Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc., does allow towing with some restrictions. All sizes of motorhomes come with class 3 hitches. We allow towing to a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds and maximum tongue weight of 350 pounds.
We require that anyone planning to tow will need to sign a form of "Intent To Tow" before departure with their rental motorhome. A daily towing charge will be added to the rental agreement. Towing charges are only offered for the entire rental, and there are no refunds. We do not supply any receivers or balls. Our motorhomes all have a 7 pin round connector for trailer lights. We do have adaptors for sale in our parts department. We provide no collision or liability coverage for damage to the towed object or for third-party injury inflicted by the towed object, under any circumstances.

For planning purposes please use the following guidelines: The receiver opening is 2 inch by 2 inch. The height measurement on our motorhomes is 18 inches from the ground to the center of the receiver plus or minus ½ inch. Please be aware that trailers being towed need to be level and weight distributed evenly across the axle. We do have hitch receivers with different drops for different trailers for sale in our parts department. We also have hitch balls in different sizes for sale.

For questions or additional information call 907-248-7777.

Do you guarantee the year of the motorhome?
Yes. Each year Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc., spends millions of dollars to keep our fleet young. Some companies cut costs and quality by using older, rundown motorhomes up to eight years old, or they use "modular" motorhomes. With a "modular" motorhome only the automotive portion of the motorhome is replaced. The "coach" portion is recycled over and over. We GUARANTEE our motorhomes' registration is 2012 or newer or your rental is FREE!

Do you require pre-payment of Rental Fees?
Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc. is financially “rock solid” and we do not need to obtain payment in advance to ensure we have adequate working capital. There is no prepayment requirement when you rent from Great Alaskan Holidays so you will have no concern mailing a large prepayment to Alaska.

Is the floor plan you show in your website the one I will get?
At Great Alaskan Holidays, our motorhome fleet is standardized – the floor plan you see in the rate card is the floor plan you will get at pick up5. We own our entire fleet. We don’t use "leaseback" or third-party-owned vehicles that result in a hodge podge fleet of different makes, models, and floor plans.

What is the charge for a housekeeping and linen package?
We include a complete housekeeping package with brand name cookware like Cuisinart pots and pans, and eating utensils. We also include with the rental a complete hotel quality, professionally laundered, linen package with sheets, Vellux blankets, pillows, bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths for the first two members of your party. Additional passengers incur a one-time $14.95 per person charge for a Personal Pack including all of the above items.

Since everything I need for a complete rental is included, what else should I bring with me?
Great Alaskan Holidays equips each motorhome with more than 60 quality items at no additional charge to you. We provide you with an extensive housekeeping and linen package – everything you need right down to a corkscrew and a vegetable peeler. The only things you need to bring are personal items. Don’t forget your camera and lots of film or extra memory cards!

What types of clothing should I bring to Alaska?
Alaska is a land of diverse weather conditions. Appropriate summer time clothing would range from t-shirts to sweatshirts and sweaters, with a light coat to keep out wind or rain. When it is cool, layering different types and weights of clothing will help you stay comfortable. The dress code in most of Alaska is casual.

Is the motorhome equipped with a 120 volt Power Generator?
Every Great Alaskan Holidays motorhome is equipped with a 120 volt Power Generator to run the roof air conditioning, microwave oven, and your hair dryer (if you bring it from home).  If our competitors' motorhomes have a generator, most of them charge for it’s use, or they only give you a half hour a day without additional charge.  At Great Alaskan Holidays, unlimited use of the 120 volt generator is included with your rental . 

What additional items do you have for rent?
When you rent from Great Alaskan Holidays, the motorhome comes outfitted with most items needed for your day-to-day living. Additionally, other items such as lawn chairs, fishing rods and reels, additional ice chests, toasters, BBQ's, and bike racks are available for rent at reasonable rental rates on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are recommended for bike racks.

Is there a charge if I don’t have time to dump the holding tanks on my return day?
We do not have a $75 dump fee or requirement to empty the holding tanks before you return the motorhome. At Great Alaskan Holidays, our business is making your vacation as relaxing as possible. Trying to find a dump station on the last morning of your vacation is not the way you want to end your trip.

Is there a charge if we do not return the motorhome clean?
When you rent from Great Alaskan Holidays, you don't need to clean the motorhome to get your deposit refunded.  Don't be misled by companies claiming "No mandatory cleaning fee".  This means you bring it back clean or pay them to clean it.  At Great Alaskan Holidays, "We do the cleaning".

Is insurance included, and what are the deductibles if I don’t purchase your CDW-LDW-VIP Plus (or whatever you call it) protection plan?
Insurance coverage is included with your rental at Great Alaskan Holidays with a $2,500 deductible for comprehensive and a $2,500 deductible for collision. Coverage includes collision, comprehensive, bodily injury/liability, and uninsured motorist. You can lower your comprehensive deductible to $0 and your collision deductible to $250 by purchasing Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Ask your Reservations Specialist for details when you call.

What other extra costs are there besides the basic rental fee?
At Great Alaskan Holidays, everything you need for a complete rental is included in the price7. You only pay for the rental. All other costs are included except for optional Collision Damage Waiver and other optional rental items such as fishing gear, bike rack, and BBQ.

Does the motorhome have two coach batteries in addition to the automotive battery?
Every Great Alaskan Holidays motorhome is specially outfitted with two coach batteries in addition to the automotive battery. Our two coach batteries are large, deep-cycle, golf cart type batteries, so you don’t have to worry about having sufficient power to operate the furnace throughout the night.

How long has your company been in business and how many clients travel with you each year?
We have been in business since 1985. This year more than 10,000 people will rent with us.

Who maintains your vehicles and what maintenance standards do you use?
We are extremely proud that Great Alaskan Holidays is one of only three6 companies in Alaska and the only motorhome rental company that has been awarded and maintained the prestigious status of a Ford Warranty station. Online with Ford and with access to Ford Factory training, our technicians are able to give each vehicle a thorough 41-point maintenance check-up before every rental with the latest diagnostic equipment and training. Our maintenance standards meet or exceed Ford Motor Company's recommended maintenance intervals. Additionally, we are a Winnebago service center and an Onan® generator warranty maintenance facility.

Do you allow smoking in your motorhomes?
We do not allow smoking in our motorhomes.

Do you allow pets in your motorhomes?
We do not allow pets of any kind in our motorhomes. Service animals are welcome.

How is a rental day calculated?
When you rent a motorhome from Great Alaskan Holidays, days are calculated just like a hotel. You count the number of nights you occupy the motorhome. For example, a seven day rental would run from Tuesday to Tuesday. You may pick up and return the motorhome any day of the week.

How does the daily rental rate work over a rate-change period?
Let's say that the rate goes down on September 1st, and you want to rent for 7 days, picking up on August 31st and returning on September 7th. The rates for "7 or more days" apply. One day would be at the higher rate, and six days at the lower rate.

If the rates change after making my reservation, can I change my rate to reflect the new rate prices? 
Our rates and promotions are subject to change at any time without notice.  When you make your reservation you agree to pay the rate that is available at that time.  If you want the new rate, you would need to cancel your current reservation, incurring the applicable cancellation fee regardless of whether or not you purchased CancelCare™ Protection (CCP), and rebook at the current rate.  CancelCare™ Protection (CCP) is not valid for cancelling and rebooking for the same dates or for any dates that fall within the original rental dates.

What does "self-contained" motorhome mean?
Self-contained means you are not limited to staying at campgrounds with utility hook-ups. Each Great Alaskan Holidays motorhome is equipped with a 120 volt power generator to supply power to the microwave oven, roof air conditioner, even your hair dryer if you bring one along. Energy to operate the motorhome systems is supplied by propane and the dual R.V. batteries (one automotive, and two deep-cycle, golf cart type coach batteries). Propane provides the energy for the major appliances such as the furnace, refrigerator/freezer, stove top, oven, and hot water heater. The 12 volt battery system runs the motorhome lights, furnace fan, water pump, and the electronic ignition on the refrigerator, furnace and hot water heater. The motorhomes also have two separate holding tanks for wastewater.

Do I need to make reservations at campgrounds?
There are only two places that we recommend making reservations and that is if you are staying inside Denali National Park or along the Kenai River. Alaska is very motorhome friendly and there are literally hundreds of public and privately owned campgrounds throughout the state and because our motorhomes are completely self-contained it is not even necessary to stay in a campground. You can park your motorhome anywhere in the state that is not blocking a private driveway, obstructing traffic, or in a posted no overnight camping zone.

5 Note: Illustrations and dimensions are approximate and were as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Floor plans, equipment, sleeping and bath arrangements may vary slightly.
6 The other two non-dealer companies in Alaska that have been awarded and maintained the prestigious status of ‘Ford Warranty Station’ are; a major oilfield service company on the North Slope, and the largest supplier of electricity in Alaska.
7 Rates do not include taxes.